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Why choose us?

Car search Service as Service

We can help you find your preferred car. We offer you our dear client the service to hire our team to search for the car you will specify

Our Service Motto: we offer the best services for the convenience our clients

Full Process and cost transparency

Our customers can track and have view in everything about their car, from the beginning until they sit in their car and drive off. Our Transparency Motto: our customers can see and view everything

Bank Guarantee – First Pay if you have received your car

Our award-winning payment model, which was developed with our partner banks specifically for our customers. Our payment Motto: First Pay if you have received your car 

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About Mandecars

At Mandecars our Mission is to professionalize the car dealership business in Africa in all process steps: Search, Delivery and especially the payment process. 

We focus on private customers and want to be a reliable partner for our customers. We offer our customers an online platform where they can, on the one hand, find their dream and, on the other hand, order and pay conveniently and, above all, securely through our special processes.

Our customers can find and order their dream car directly from our existing cars inventory or commission us with the search.

  • Quality Cars at Guaranteed Prices
  • Full Process and cost transparency
  • Special payment method and process

Our team

  • 15 years expertise
  • Dedicated to serving you
  • 100% reliabiliy
  • On-time delivery

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